Free Gift

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As part of our fifth year (and Disney's 100th) anniversary celebrations we are offering our customers a free gift with each order. From July 11th, 2023 thru July 11, 2024 customers can redeem a special promo code for a free gift after placing an order of $17.99 or more.

Please use our special promo code "JCTFIFTHYEARFESTIVAL" at checkout on purchases of $17.99 to redeem your free gift. You will need to download the corresponding Topps digital card app of your choosing in order to receive your free gift.

How To Redeem:

01. Sign-up for our newsletter with your email address. You must have an account on our website in order to receive your free gift.

02. Place an order for $17.99 or more on our website and use the promo code "JCTFIFTHYEARFESTIVAL" at checkout.

03. Please choose one of the following to download: Disney Collect! by Topps (Android/iOS), Marvel Collect! by Topps (Android/iOS) OR Star Wars Card Trader by Topps (Android/iOS). Download and install one of those apps on your preferred device and sign-up for free account on the app you chose to download using the same email address you used for your Junction Collectibles order.

04. Send us an email to with your Junction Collectibles order number, your Topps Username and which free gift you are requesting (Disney Collect!, Marvel Collect! or Star Wars Card Trader).

05. We will send you a corresponding card trade from our Topps account (username 'JUNCTIONCOLLECTIBLES' on all of those apps). Accept the trade and receive your free gift.

Our Fifth Year Festival runs from July 11th, 2023 through July 11th, 2024 and is sponsored in part by: